Why Join?


Ask hard questions to a knowledgeable community, without being evaluated for investment.


FFA Founders request and offer each other high-value introductions to investors, media, partners and more.


Opportunities for exposure available to all members.


Unique benefits and professional development tailored to female startup leaders.

FFA Founders Network Eligibility Guidelines


Are women or non-binary

Hold founder or cofounder title and equity in their current place of employment

Are working on this company full time, or as close to that as personal circumstances allow.


The company must be legally incorporated before you apply.

The company must be “out of stealth.” We must be able to verify that it exists by looking at a website or social media presence.

The company is designed and intended to be venture-scale.


“Thank you so much for creating the best group I've ever been a part of.”
- Amanda
FFA Founder
“It would’ve taken me years of networking to build a tiny fraction of what we have ready made in the Female Founders Alliance.”
- Hannah
FFA Founder



Is there a cost to membership?

No, there is no cost to being part of the community.

Can I join if I live in “____”?

Yes! FFA is an online community, so as long as you meet the criteria you can join from anywhere in the world. Certain member benefits may not be available in your area.

Do I need to have raised capital to join?

No. You can join FFA whether or not you have raised capital.

What does it mean to be “venture-scale”?

Different people have slightly varying definitions, but the general consensus is that a company is designed and intended to scale — in other words, to grow its revenue substantially and relatively quickly. We look for companies with large specific addressable markets (generally $2B in annual revenue or larger), and business models that achieve substantial economies of scale (in other words, the relationship between person-hours and revenue is not linear).

Do I need to be a technology company to apply?

No, but you do need to be a PRODUCT company. There are great examples of physical product companies that take the venture financing route, including some of our current members. If this is your intention, we encourage you to apply. In the case of services, your service must be productized (or on the way to becoming productized) in order to join FFA. This means that you can deliver the service without relying on person-hours to serve each individual client. This does generally require building software to automate services.

Can I apply with a consulting company?

It depends. Consulting companies, per se, are not eligible for membership. However, if you intend to build software that productizes your consulting services, you will be eligible to join us.

I founded a startup that had a successful exit. Can I join?

In most cases, yes, we invite you to join as an honorary member. The only exception is if you are now an active angel or venture investor — please join our investor community instead.

I am thinking about starting a company. Can I join?

You can sign up for our newsletter to be a part of our extended community. In order to join the Founders Network, please apply once you meet the criteria described above.

How can I get some additional information?

For additional information, please contact us at team@femalefounders.org.