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March 26, 2020
CIC Boston

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About Access

The Female Founders Alliance Access Tour is designed to help founders move their business forward by fostering meaningful connections with the people and organizations that are most difficult to access for underrepresented founders. Through a combination of panels, 1:1 coaching, founder AMAs, and facilitated networking, our guest speakers and coaches will meaningfully support founders in their area of business expertise. Founders will leave with new connections and newfound wisdom in an area of their business.

Sample program:

*Workshop: How to Navigate the Fundraising Process
*Founder Ask Me Anything (AMA): with founders who have bootstrapped, raised angel, or venture capital
*Panel with investors located in the region
*Keynote with influencer from the city
*1:1 meetings with investors and other influentials

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“I thought these were super applicable to where I'm at in my company and I learned a huge amount in many different areas. The AMA/chats were good to hear the challenges founders went through and the workshops were great to dig into knowledge we need to know.”



“Access offers practical learning and resources and networking opportunities.”
“Thought it was a great event, really appreciate you doing it and the community you are creating.”



How do I know Access is for me?

Access is designed for founders who have a broad understanding of business fundamentals. We focus our content to give founders an in-depth look into the fundraising process and what it takes to scale a venture-backable company.

We are industry agnostic and our programming is broad enough for companies in all industries to learn. Access is applicable to both B2B and B2C companies.

What does it mean to be venture-scale?

Different people have slightly varying definitions, but the general consensus is that a company is designed and intended to scale — in other words, to grow its revenue substantially and relatively quickly. We look for companies with large specific addressable markets (generally $2B in annual revenue or larger), and business models that achieve substantial economies of scale (in other words, the relationship between person-hours and revenue is not linear).

How long is a 1:1 meeting?

25 minutes. Prepare to talk about you and your company in the first 2 minutes (or less) so that you can get the most out of your meeting!

What should I talk with my mentor about?

You can use this meeting for mentoring, developing a relationship, and/or receiving feedback on your pitch(deck)/company. We recommend that you know in advance what you want to get out of the meeting.

If you are pitching, please note that this is not a formal pitch for investment. We recommend exchanging contact information if there is a mutual fit. If you’d like feedback on your pitch deck, bring two printouts (full page, black and white recommended).

Can FFA help connect me with the investors attending the event?

Please bring business cards, or exchange emails in person as we will not reconnect you with the investor afterward.

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