Black Women Making Waves in the Startup Community 🌊

This Black History Month, we’re looking forward at how three amazing leaders – Jessie Woolley-Wilson, Jasmine Crowe, and Tiffany Dufu – are building the future. Their excellence lies not only in their fundraising success, but in their ability to scale companies with heart and purpose, as well as profitability. Why is this important? Because if […] [...]

We’re All In This Together: Why I Support FFA

The Female Founders Alliance didn’t exist when I started Simplicity Consulting in 2006. When I stepped away from a successful, 14-year career in corporate America, some people thought I was crazy. I wasn’t sure if I’d be successful out on my own, but I knew that I needed something different. I had a track record […] [...]

Seattle Startup Week – Future Founders

During the Seattle Startup Week the Female Founders Alliance produced a half a dozen panels that included several of our members – ‘The Art and Science of Pivoting’, ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Navigating Your Startup’s Early Days’, and ‘Do I Really Need a Cofounder?’ to name a few. However, this year in […] [...]

What I learned launching an accelerator for women

My takeaways from designing a female focused program My Journey Fall of 2012, I decided to quit my full time job, move to a new city, and test the waters with a different experience. While I had a circle of strong supporters, that risk was one of the best career decisions I made. I’ve spent […] [...]

How Startup Founders Can Access Media

Media coverage is critical to legitimizing a new startup, and an integral part of all product launches. But most early stage founders don’t secure great media coverage because they lack know how, network, and resources. That’s why access to media is among the top 3 biggest needs reported by our members. On June 21, 2018, […] [...]