Investors, Innovators, Influencers – Shane Kelly

Shane Kelly, Founding Partner of Wolverine Angels, also leads Partnerships for CrowdSmart, an AI platform and venture fund combining human expertise and artificial intelligence to increase transparency and reduce bias in venture investing. Tell us about the professional journey that took you where you are today. What major lessons did you learn along the way? […] [...]

Investors, Innovators, Influencers – Melissa Sassi

Melissa Sassi is the Global head of IBM Hyper Project Accelerator and Chief Penguin of IBM Z, and a partner and ally of FFA. She believes that technology and education have the power to transition the world from being just consumers of technology into creators, makers, and doers through technology. Tell us about the professional […] [...]

Looking for your first 500 customers? Rand Fishkin knows how to find them.

In last month’s FFA Forum, Rand Fishkin, Co-founder and CEO of SparkToro, gave us some invaluable insight into a strategic marketing approach that really works – especially for early stage startups who need to make a meaningful impression, get traction, and create a buzz about their world-changing idea. Here’s your roadmap – 5 steps you […] [...]