Champion Awards: Nominations now open!

It might seem obvious now, but back when I first came up with the idea for the Champion Awards in mid-2017 — the “Oscars™ of women’s allyship” — the whole thing was honestly preposterous. FFA was tiny. We had $0. Nobody beyond a few founders in Seattle and my personal network had any idea who […] [...]

From our newsletter: Holiday time! Are you thriving or surviving?

I remember the days when holidays meant time off, reconnecting with friends and family, fabulous vacation travel and end of year bonuses. But now, I am a mom and an entrepreneur. For me, holidays are no longer blissful and restful. Holidays mean hustling to get some sell through (yes, I still have Venture Kits inventory), […] [...]

Questioned? Doubted? Dismissed? Try our female founder battle cry.

Two magic words: WATCH. ME. How many times have you been doubted and dismissed? I recently spoke with Fast Company about this frustrating reality that every female founder – and every professional woman – has experienced at some point in her career, at the hands of women and men alike. And what’s shocking is that […] [...]

Ready Set Raise: Highlights from an Unforgettable Night.

Videos from an unforgettable night. Are you still reeling from last week’s Ready Set Raise demo night?! We sure are! The energy, the founders and the unwavering support of the audience was what made the night truly memorable. Ready Set Raise 2018 was just the beginning – but what a beginning it was! In the […] [...]

Daring Women 2018 – Leslie Feinzaig’s Full Speech

Leslie Feinzaig’s, CEO & Founder of the Female Founders Alliance, keynote speech at Daring Women. Ten years ago, when I was just out of business school, I was a strategy consultant at a top tier firm. I was working on a project for the company’s biggest client, when the partners hired and assigned a new […] [...]

"This isn’t done until you blush when you read it out loud.”

Leslie Feinzaig with brother, Lenny Feinzaig, in Argentina circa 1993. It was January 2004 and I had less than a week to submit my application to Harvard Business School. I was asked to write an essay making my case to the admissions committee, to convince them that I belonged at Harvard. This essay was difficult […] [...]

Pitch Prep Pointers to Meet a VC

This Thursday in Seattle, 60 female founders will meet with 15 female investors in the biggest event of its kind that this city has seen, maybe ever. Inspired by the efforts of a group of Bay Area venture capitalists, the Female Founders Alliance partnered with every single female VC investor based in Seattle (and then […] [...]