Black Lives Matter

There are moments in life so dark that positivity is tone deaf. We planned to kick off the 2020 Champion Awards today. Instead, we pause. Because the need of the hour is a different kind of action. We invite everyone in our community to practice active allyship, not just today but every day. The true […] [...]

On being Costa Rican.

It didn’t occur to me to write a blog post in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month because, up until recently, I wasn’t Hispanic American. I was just Hispanic. I was born and raised in Costa Rica, a tiny nation that nonetheless knows leadership. Even as every one of our neighbors spiraled into dictatorships and […] [...]

New babies come with gifts

New babies come with gifts. That’s what my mom always says. My daughter Dora was born just over three years ago – three spectacularly life-changing years. Soon after she was born, I realized that I didn’t have it in me to be a stay at home mom. I missed work too much, too soon. But […] [...]