Want a ticket to Demo Night?

If you’ve ever been to a Demo Night, where companies graduating from an accelerator take the stage, you know the drill: founders are in the spotlight, looking and feeling like the rock stars that they are. Sometimes there’s a woman or three in the mix – but often there are none. We believe that Female […] [...]

The big reveal! Introducing the Ready Set Raise finalists!

Two weeks ago we shared the kick off to Ready Set Raise, our first accelerator designed for female founded companies. Today, we have two exciting announcements to share. First, Trilogy Equity Partners, a Bellevue-based venture capital firm, stepped in to underwrite the cost of the program to participants. This incredibly rare and very substantial subsidy […] [...]

What lies ahead…events, news & more from the Female Founders Alliance!

And so it begins. Summer is winding down and, for many of us, that means the start of the fall fundraising season – conjuring up nerves, emotions and challenges when raising capital, especially for female founders. Nevertheless we persist. And we’re excited and motivated to see other women pave the way – including our very […] [...]

Only a few days left to apply to Ready Set Raise! (Deadline Aug. 12th) πŸ“…

Only a few days left. That’s all the time left to apply to Ready Set Raise. Ready Set Raise is our biggest, bravest, strongest attempt to help female founders raise their seed. Ready Set Raise is for YOU. We’ve done everything we can to reach all of YOU, partnering with organizations like Startup Grind, Women […] [...]

FFA Presents a Fireside Chat with CEO & Founder of Chairman Mom & Pando Daily, Sarah Lacy

Join the Female Founders Alliance for a special fireside chat with the Founder and CEO of Pando Daily and Chairman Mom, Sarah Lacy. Moderated by the CEO & Founder of FFA, Leslie Feinzeig, we will explore her career and passion behind her two companies. Enjoy an evening of small bites and cocktails/wine at the lovely […] [...]

A Uterus Is A Feature Not A Bug Podcast

Listen to the latest podcast episode of the ‘A Uterus Is A Feature Not A Bug‘ hosted by the CEO/Founder of Chairman Mom & Pando Daily, Sarah Lacy, featuring Female Founders Alliance CEO/Founder Leslie Feinzaig. The podcast interviews female founders from various industries in each episode and explores the topics of entrepreneurship and motherhood. Download, […] [...]

FFA is Nominated for a WIBLI Award! πŸ†

We are so proud to share that Female Founders Alliance has been nominated for The Seattle Metro Chamber’s Women in Business & Leadership Initiative (WIBLI) Awards, for 2018 Business of the Year. We are honored and humbled to be nominated with FFA member The Swing Shift and our friends at PayScale, as well as our […] [...]

Mark Your Calendars! πŸ“…

Every founder knows raising capital is hard. And given that only 2% of venture capital is invested in female founded companies, what is already a moonshot for men is exponentially harder for women. You’re routinely and consistently underestimated, dismissed, ignored, ghosted, and judged by impossible standards – and that’s if you get in the door […] [...]

Announcing the Female Founders Alliance Champion Awards

In a year that has seen huge leaps forward in exposing companies, people and behaviors that affect women negatively, we want to lead the way in incentivizing the companies, people and behaviors that affect us positively. We are thrilled to announce an initiative to recognize and reward the good in our community. On February 1st, […] [...]