Investors, Innovators, Influencers – Lauren Creel, Sr Associate at Cooley LLP

Tell us about the professional journey that took you where you are today. What major lessons did you learn along the way? Circuitous? After undergrad, I was a consultant in DC. And then a PhD economics student in Texas. And now I’m a startup lawyer in Silicon Valley, with nearly a decade of experience. Overarching […] [...]

Little Drops Make An Ocean – Why Representation Matters

I am a woman, an immigrant from India, and I have called America home for almost 8 years. My husband and two little boys, ages 5 and 20 months, were born here. Growing up in a small town in the south of India, America was a distant untouchable dream made of NYC’s skyscrapers, Prom and […] [...]

Female Founder Feature – Akilah Releford, Mary Louise Cosmetics

Akilah Releford is the Founder of Mary Louise Cosmetics. Tell us about your company. What inspired you to start it? I started my company in my dorm room at Howard University. I’ve always been obsessed with skincare and beauty products and would often create formulations in my free time and share them via social media. […] [...]

Female Founder Feature – Justine Barone, Gearo

Justine Barone is the Founder & CEO of Gearo. Tell us about your company. What inspired you to start it? Gearo is an outdoor gear marketplace that partners with retailers and connects them with adventure seekers looking for gear to rent and buy. I was inspired to start Gearo after several failed attempts to try […] [...]