Ready Set Raise is now X Combinator

**Happy April Fools’ Day! Ready Set Raise is no joke though – applications open in May. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know with the Female Founders Alliance.** Last year, the Female Founders Alliance launched a startup accelerator specifically designed for women, by women. We identified a gap among our members at […] [...]

I Am 35 Weeks Pregnant

There’s a subject so taboo in startups that only the ultra-successful are willing to openly talk about it: Slowing down. In an industry that glorifies hustle, brutal work schedules, and “crushing” results, it’s hard for a founder to admit when they need to slow down. You know you’ll be judged, and you might miss out […] [...]

Access Portland – Check Out the Lineup

Heading to Access Portland this year? Here are the VIPs that will move your business forward. Meet the Investors: Matt Abrams – Seven Peaks Ventures: Matt is a General Partner at Seven Peaks Ventures. His primary focus is Enterprise Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence. He also focuses heavily on AR/VR, Security, and Quantum technologies and […] [...]

We’re All In This Together: Why I Support FFA

The Female Founders Alliance didn’t exist when I started Simplicity Consulting in 2006. When I stepped away from a successful, 14-year career in corporate America, some people thought I was crazy. I wasn’t sure if I’d be successful out on my own, but I knew that I needed something different. I had a track record […] [...]

I Am 33 Weeks Pregnant

Yesterday I gave a keynote speech in front of an 80% male audience. That’s not an unusual statement. I’m a reluctantly frequent speaker. And I work in the tech and startup ecosystem, where most audiences are overwhelmingly male. And yet: Yesterday I gave a keynote speech in front of an 80% male audience. I am […] [...]