Champion Awards: Nominations now open!

It might seem obvious now, but back when I first came up with the idea for the Champion Awards in mid-2017 — the “Oscars™ of women’s allyship” — the whole thing was honestly preposterous. FFA was tiny. We had $0. Nobody beyond a few founders in Seattle and my personal network had any idea who […] [...]

New Year, Fresh Start

January has always been a time of renewal for me. Last January, I made the decision to turn the Female Founders Alliance from a hobby to a mission. In the months that followed, FFA evolved from a small Facebook group to a social impact corporation running a national accelerator for female-founded, venture-scale companies. With the […] [...]

Female Founder Feature: Juliet Horton – Everly

Juliet Horton is the Founder & CEO of Everly. Armed with a wealth of experience in technology and finance, Juliet launched her entrepreneurial career with Everly after realizing something was missing from her career – passion. Everly is completely changing how couples plan their wedding by providing all the personalized support of a wedding planner […] [...]