Female Founder Feature: Melissa Strawn – MyPeopleNow, Inc.

Melissa Strawn is the Founder & CEO of MyPeopleNow, Inc. Her incredible journey is a testament to the power of resilience, as you can learn from her genuine, down to earth, no-holds-barred, must-read blog. “If you have a passion for building a better freelance economy, a mission toward ending poverty and social service dependence, or […] [...]

Lessons in How to Fail

“Out of my failure, something was born that is going to change the world.” I said those words to Seattle Business Magazine‘s Lynsi Burton a few months back. At the time, our programs at the Female Founders Alliance were picking up steam. But sales at my own company, Venture Kits, had skidded to a halt. […] [...]

Female Founder Feature: Priyanka Raha – PopSmart Kids

Priyanka Raha is the CEO of PopSmart Kids, an educational technology startup. The company was founded earlier this year and has been a big proponent of promoting Digital Citizenship through the company’s newsletters and media posts. The first app is a collaborative story-writing app for children that will launch in January 2019. Recently, Priyanka has […] [...]