Ready? Set? Raise!

It all started with my failure. When I started my last company, I knew that raising capital would be difficult. For me, at that time in my life, it turned out to be impossible. It turned out to be a failure. My failure fueled a new mission: to help female founders be more successful, faster, […] [...]

FFA Presents a Fireside Chat with CEO & Founder of Chairman Mom & Pando Daily, Sarah Lacy

Join the Female Founders Alliance for a special fireside chat with the Founder and CEO of Pando Daily and Chairman Mom, Sarah Lacy. Moderated by the CEO & Founder of FFA, Leslie Feinzeig, we will explore her career and passion behind her two companies. Enjoy an evening of small bites and cocktails/wine at the lovely […] [...]

A Uterus Is A Feature Not A Bug Podcast

Listen to the latest podcast episode of the ‘A Uterus Is A Feature Not A Bug‘ hosted by the CEO/Founder of Chairman Mom & Pando Daily, Sarah Lacy, featuring Female Founders Alliance CEO/Founder Leslie Feinzaig. The podcast interviews female founders from various industries in each episode and explores the topics of entrepreneurship and motherhood. Download, […] [...]

Change is the Only Constant.

I once had a job where the only constant was change. You would show up on Monday morning and find out we had a brand new strategy. We’d be told to switch directions days after launching a big campaign. There was no regard for anything that had already been created if the CEO decided it […] [...]