FFA is Nominated for a WIBLI Award! 🏆

We are so proud to share that Female Founders Alliance has been nominated for The Seattle Metro Chamber’s Women in Business & Leadership Initiative (WIBLI) Awards, for 2018 Business of the Year. We are honored and humbled to be nominated with FFA member The Swing Shift and our friends at PayScale, as well as our […] [...]

How Startup Founders Can Access Media

Media coverage is critical to legitimizing a new startup, and an integral part of all product launches. But most early stage founders don’t secure great media coverage because they lack know how, network, and resources. That’s why access to media is among the top 3 biggest needs reported by our members. On June 21, 2018, […] [...]

"This isn’t done until you blush when you read it out loud.”

Leslie Feinzaig with brother, Lenny Feinzaig, in Argentina circa 1993. It was January 2004 and I had less than a week to submit my application to Harvard Business School. I was asked to write an essay making my case to the admissions committee, to convince them that I belonged at Harvard. This essay was difficult […] [...]

Mark Your Calendars! 📅

Every founder knows raising capital is hard. And given that only 2% of venture capital is invested in female founded companies, what is already a moonshot for men is exponentially harder for women. You’re routinely and consistently underestimated, dismissed, ignored, ghosted, and judged by impossible standards – and that’s if you get in the door […] [...]

Female Founder Feature: Helen Wang – 6 Crickets

Helen Wang is the co-founder and CEO of 6Crickets, a platform that provides the much-needed technical infrastructure for children’s enrichment activities. 6Crickets was launched in 2015 and has now successfully expanded their platform to a national level. Today they’re a 14 person team headquartered in Seattle, WA. Tell us a little about 6Crickets? What inspired […] [...]